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Mental Health Treatment Through State-0f-Art Neuroscience Understanding:
   * General Public                              * Professionals in the Public Schools 

   * Criminal Justice Administrators    * Community Mental Health Professionals

Each of these domains will be empowered with accurate Neuroscience insights leading to cost effective and efficient treatment, education and law enforcement strategies.

PROBLEM:  Inefficient strategies for both diagnosis and treatment of individuals having different forms of Mental Dysfunctions* is now   ---  risking the nation’s  economic world competitiveness.  This is likely to lead to further deterioration of our nation’s job creation ability..   

  *Mental Dysfunctions =

                 1.  Mental Disorders

                             Depression --Anxiety ---Autism –ADHD-- Bipolar                              

                 2.  Dyslexia / Dyscalculia           

                 3.  Personality Disorders 

                             Impaired Moral Judgement

                 4. Addictions

Neuroscience – NOW    is one solution to reducing the influence of so inefficient solution strategies by enabling large numbers of individuals with extremely diverse backgrounds and occupations to absorb critical neuroscience insights and translate useful ones into standard practices within their professions. 


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